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Workshop High Volume Low Speed Extra Large Huge Ceiling Fan in Warehouse
Jun 06, 2017

HVLS (Large Ceiling Fan) fans with diameter 7.4meters,adopting manufacture principle of aeroplane propeller, its unique design with advantages of comfort, high efficiency and energy saving as well as high reliability and safety have made it an ideal substitute for traditional industrial fans and air conditioners.
Technical Specification      Model    Air disp.


Weight: the weight doesn't contain control box, top connection parts etc.;  
2. Size: the above mentioned product size is standard, other sizes can be customized;

3. Noise: sound level measured a distance of 1m from the motor, electromagnetic noise is less than 40db;
4. Packing: export standard crates.

Large Ceiling Fan Features :

1.Three-dimensional natural breeze
2.Large scale area  coverage,  unique  streamline  fan blade design,  push air flow to the  ground  and form 1-3m air flow layer

1.Accelerate air circulation ;

2.People cool feeling;


Large Ceiling Fan Advantage:  

1. Radiating area is huge, one fan can radiate 1500 square meters ,equivalently to 200pcs small fans or 70pcs axial flow fans' radiation area.

2. Low energy consumption, which only consume one kilowatt per hour, comparing with the same radiation area of the traditional fans, electric charge is only 10 percent of the traditional fans.

3. Maintenance-free, working life can reach 10 to 15 years.

4. Higher comfortable degree of human body, our fan is controlled by transducers, can infinitely variable control for rotate speed, imitate natural wind, stereoscopic wind using effect, human body with more comfortable sensation.

5. According customer's production scale, also can further improve working environment and increase working efficiency.
6. Saving the floor space, enhance utility rate of space, much more safe and beautiful.
DC Brushless Gearmotor          Ultra-high efficiency     
Integrated electronic drive design                  
50% reduction in weight and size compared with traditional motor        
Low vibration and noise    
Permissible ambient  temp up to 60degree centigrade