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Why Many Customers Of All Ages?
Nov 14, 2016

1, knowledge of product advantages

Rock industrial fan is innovation, original design, product own the intellectual property rights, not simple copying, imitation products, users are assured that use.

2, design, manufacturing

Company to purchase the domestic industry's most complete machining equipment, including large stamping machines, CNC plasma cutting machine, welding machine and other advanced processing equipment;

3, quality and reliability advantage

Industrial rock fan from raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products to the on-site installation, implementation of a comprehensive quality control, testing, sampling each product in accordance with the established scale 3 or pick up, factory marked QR code, product use, maintenance and parts replacement to do global tracking, product perfect record of service;

4, safe use of advantage

Rock industrial fan with unique structure design of hub, so as to ensure product safety and destructive testing of products, as well as tensile test the leaves, petioles, and ensure the safety of products;

5, service advantage

First domestic manufacturer video business, objectively and comprehensively introduce themselves to customers, allows customers to fully understand the business, understand the consumption.