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Sultry Summer Workshop And Warehouse Why Widely Used Industrial Fans To Improve Work Environment?
Nov 14, 2016

As we all know, cool and comfortable effect is not achieved only by refrigeration cooling. Rock's engineers after years of painstaking research and exploration, integrating advanced aviation technologies and bio bio and developed a performance highlighting the propeller blades, just slowly rotating in the air creates a continuous, quiet breeze flowing. Unique high efficiency Airfoil blades slowly rotating mass flow down, which builds into a near-perfect propeller exhaust. Industrial big fan by produced of wind speed about for 1.8-2.9 m/s, completely is according to air over human skin produced best cool feel of air calculation out of, too strong of air will let people physical and mental was hot, has a was wind straight blow of feel, high of wind speed also will makes people dizziness, only through surface of volatile and Breeze speed of organic combined, to landscaping human of cool feel.

Industrial fan with large diameter and the formation of a large number of air pushed down, meet ground creates horizontal air flow, similar to the level ground jets. Air diffusion and the size of the diameter of the fan, gas diffusion speed and the blade rotation speed, if the fan run continuously, flow outward in a lot goes on until it encounters the side walls or obstacles rise, so as to continuously make up air circulation, which is rock and industrial fans are so efficient characteristics. No matter what quantity of small high speed ceiling fans will not have such a large multi-faceted breeze air, typically 2.4 meters in diameter fan can have a depth of approximately 1 m on the ground level air flow and 7.3 meters diameter air flow fan can have a depth of 2.8 on the ground levels.