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Structure Design Of Large Industrial Fan How To Keep Products Safe?
Nov 14, 2016

Industrial fans bring comfort is unmatched by other fans, industrial fans following, you will feel solid air from all sides, so as to cover the entire body, maximum sweat evaporation surface, thus forming the nature breeze-like system. At present, many plan to use a large industrial fan customer, there are most of the problem is the fan using security issues, how to ensure 7300mm industrial fan in structural design ensure product safety? Let us work together to find out.

Industrial fans created a modular blade axles (hub) connections, fall from a structure designed to avoid the blade. Patented u-shaped slide inside the connector holes will be correspondingly shaped slider into one. Two shaped slider for a group, and embed the leaves form a "bump" conjunction makes the blade cannot be separated from the bite of the slider down. In addition to the structural safety, industrial rock fans at the time of installation and set up five security facilities, can ensure the safe use of industrial fans.