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Large Ceiling Fan Energy Saving
Jun 01, 2017

Large fan is a big fan. Large ceiling fan is designed for energy saving, improve the comfort of the work environment and the development of a series of products. It is well known that the cool and comfortable effect is not only achieved by cooling the cooling; the fan blowing area also depends on the fan diameter, and the fan speed is not the slightest relationship, while the low speed large diameter industrial fan which is combined with these features. 

After years of painstaking research and exploration, the integration of foreign advanced aviation technology and developed a prominent performance of the propeller blades, just slow rotation in the air to form a continuous, quiet breeze flowing. Unique and efficient wing-type blades slowly rotate to produce a large amount of airflow to push down to build a near-perfect propeller exhaust.

"Industrial fan" produced by the wind speed of about 2-3 m / s, is entirely under the air through the human skin to produce the best cool feeling of air flow calculated, too strong air will make people feel hot and humid, there is a The wind blowing straight feeling, too high wind speed will make people dizzy, only through the surface of the volatilization and micro-wind speed of the organic combination in order to beautify the body's cool feeling.

Large industrial fan, Hibers study of the fan is a diameter of 7.2 meters of large industrial fan, the effective area of this fan to reach 1,200 square meters, can drive more than 5,000 cubic meters of space in the air flow.

Large industrial fan is the 21st century green energy-saving environmental protection products, with its pollution-free, low energy consumption, low noise won the favor of users, the product is mainly used in the summer, is a tall building ventilation cooling the perfect choice.

Large industrial fan principle:

Suzhou Hibers Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. Large industrial fan can push a large number of airflow to the ground, the formation of a certain height of the ground level of the air movement, which contributed to the overall air circulation; this benefit is a full range of ground cover and air three-dimensional cycle.

Stereo natural breeze

Large industrial fan comfort is the other fans can not match, living in large energy-saving fan, you will feel from all directions of the three-dimensional air and cover the entire body, so that the evaporation of sweat to reach the maximum, Natural breeze system. The traditional high-speed fan high speed straight blow the body is very discomfort, not only the wind speed is too high, and forced the body part of the body temperature plummeted, this will bring a lot of health problems, such as fan disease. 1-3m / s is the best wind speed in the human body, in the actual use of the process, you do not need to adjust the maximum wind speed, according to your site conditions

Selection of Suzhou Hibers Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. large industrial fan reasons:

Hibers cost-effective reason is that good product performance, low failure rate, long life and so on. Hibers from the product design, production process, component selection, security measures, professional installation to after-sales service throughout the control, really use worry-free.