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Installation Conditions And Basic Requirements For Industrial Fan
Nov 14, 2016

A large industrial fan, how construction suitable for installation?

Plant 5.5-18 m in height and 1, structural steel, concrete bodies, spherical grid structure or complex structures can be installed.

2, place no special installation requirements, such as factories, warehouses, commercial centres, railway stations, bus stations, pavilions, livestock farms and other large space f can be installed.

There are no traffic can be installed within 3, workshop.

4, industrial fan whether it is 220V or 380V voltage can be installed.

Second, industrial fans, basic requirements for installation:

1, fan, safe and effective minimum distance of greater than 1.2 m

2, to provide safe and effective bearing girders installed or installed after we can structure design based on site conditions

3, the special places we can be installed when the structure design under field conditions, to ensure your safe use of large industrial fans.