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Industrial Ceiling Fan Natural Ventilation
Jun 01, 2017

IndusIndustrial Ceiling FanIndustrial Ceiling Fantrial ceiling fan (also known as "industrial fan" in the north) has a maximum diameter of 7.3 meters, covering an area of 1500 square meters and a power of 1.5KW. Can be natural ventilation, large coverage area, is the summer open space cooling cool air solution.

Hot weather, especially in the summer, the industrial plant interior temperature is getting hot, the traditional fan in a few degrees a few days of high temperature days, the cooling effect is not ye, with the central air conditioning and unrealistic, this can be how it is good? The industrial ceiling fan will solve these problems for you. [1] 

Industrial ceiling fan is a widely used in industrial plants, logistics warehousing, waiting room, exhibition hall, gymnasium, business super and so high space, as a space ventilation, personnel cooling a common industrial machine. It can push a large number of airflow to the ground, in the ground to form a certain height of the airflow level of movement, which contributed to the overall air circulation, this advantage lies in a full range of ground cover and air three-dimensional cycle.

Industrial ceiling fan Application areas:

● large-scale logistics warehouses and distribution centers: to improve air quality, dehumidification cooling, to prevent storage rust, rot, while improving the working environment.

● large plant: such as mechanical processing, car repair, aircraft assembly, shipbuilding and other plant workshop, can improve ventilation efficiency.

● public buildings: such as shopping malls, stadiums, railway stations, airports and other places where traffic is large, can promote air circulation, disperse the smell, create a comfortable public places environment.

● Large farms: including dairy farms, farms, hatcheries and so on. Good ventilation can improve air quality, dehumidify, remove odor, and reduce livestock morbidity. Appropriate temperature can make the animals feel comfortable, stimulate the rapid growth of livestock, thereby increasing the livestock production rate, increase the production of poultry milk meat.

● outdoor staff intensive: such as urban construction sites, outdoor staff can provide a cooler operating environment; such as outdoor dining place, can give consumers a more comfortable dining experience.

1, fan I-type safety ring --- the latest technological achievements will be connected to the whole fan leaves, to avoid accidental fall fan.

2, the wing of the new fan leaves - fan body embedded steel wire mesh, each fan leaves all the body connected to prevent the fan break local drop.

3, anti-off device --- top safety, the fan, chassis, motor as a whole, anti-off board play a protective role, to prevent any parts off.

4, the aerodynamic tail --- when the fan is running, the air will be vortex fan blades at the end of the vortex, tail can eliminate this part of the energy loss, stable fan operation, so that the flow of air more in line with the principles of aerodynamics.

5, wire zipper device --- high-altitude protection, each wire tension strength of up to 1000kg, to maintain the fan in the rotation of the huge inertia generated under the stable and reliable;

6, the roof arc groove - safety design, can greatly adjust the extension rod angle, to ensure that the fan vertical down, to avoid vibration and centrifugal force transmitted to the building.

7, fan-driven chassis --- the latest technological achievements, effectively ensure the fan running reliable; high-strength wheel protection leaves will not break from the root;