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Industrial Ceiling Fan How To Adjust
Nov 14, 2016

From the time perspective, this summer's high temperatures comes a bit later than usual, but still aggressive, want large industrial ceiling fans and complete solution to your high temperature operation environment, help you rule out heart of the heat. For large industrial fans, our pursuit of human comfort feel. Studies show that the meteorological factors affecting human comfort, starting temperature, followed by humidity, then the wind direction and wind speed, and so on. See industrial ceiling fan with the seasons below how to adjust suitable temperature?

1, section 1, the spring and autumn, industrial ceiling fans the most acceptable

2, in 2-3 in the summer, and to accept them, more comfortable

3, winter was go-1, from the cold, as well. Workshop heating on the bottom will have a greater temperature difference, then reverse-there is a lot of heat from the top and bottom cold air mixing, comfort in 1-2, to accept them, more comfortable.