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HVLS Fans Fan Industry Energy-saving Fan
Jun 01, 2017

Large industrial fans are a large industrial fan with a diameter of 7.3 meters, and the area of the fan blowing has a direct relationship with the diameter of the fan. Large industrial fan covers a large area, easy to clean, to solve the problem of large noise, energy consumption.

HVLS (High Volume-Low Speed) Wind turbine Industrial energy-saving fan, a ceiling fan up to 7.3 meters in diameter! Can be the most efficient to promote a large number of air movement, resulting in large air volume, speed only 50RPM, so that the formation of space movement, circulation flow field, is the other equipment can not match.

The use of aerodynamic principles and advanced technology to create streamlined fan blades, only 1.5KW or less power can drive a lot of air, resulting in large area of the natural breeze system, play a dual function of ventilation and cooling. Compared to the traditional HVAC and small high-speed fan, it has unparalleled application advantages, called the tall space ventilation cooling the perfect solution.

The overall design after accurate calculation, resulting in the most best fit the body of the breeze effect. Wind speed uniform and soft, covering a large area. In practical applications, to the human body to bring the ventilation cooling experience up to 5-8 ℃. Each fan maximum operating power of only 1.5KW, 8 hours a day running up to 12 yuan (according to industrial electricity 1 yuan / KWh calculation). The product is beautiful, durable, maintenance-free, to bring you the dual effect of ventilation and cooling.

Widely used in industrial plants, logistics warehousing, waiting room, exhibition hall, gymnasium, business super and so high space, as space ventilation, staff cooling the preferred solution.

Industrial fan function editing

Staff cooling

In the large energy-saving fan produced by the natural breeze blowing in the human body, to promote the evaporation of sweat to take away the heat, leaving the body cooling, cooling experience. Typically, this cooling experience can reach 5-8 ℃. Large-scale energy-saving fan blowing three-dimensional natural wind is more comfortable because: on the one hand, the whole body of the three-dimensional blowing, so that the body's evaporation area to reach the maximum, on the other hand because the human nature in the accumulation of natural wind Kind of experience, once the wind speed changes in the natural breeze blowing, the body will naturally feel very comfortable and cool.

In the past ventilation program, we often according to the number of space ventilation, to decide which products and quantity. This is a small space, this effect is very obvious, you can even see the bathroom steam with the operation of the negative pressure fan quickly discharged to the outside. But in the tall and wide enclosed space, the effect of this ventilation is not obvious: the proportion of relatively large dust, moisture, carbon dioxide, and poor quality of the air, or concentrated in the bottom of the building, the roof negative pressure fan The air in every corner did not work, and just the staff and equipment in that.

Dehumidification and moisture removal

Very large energy-saving fan can solve this problem: the advantage is that direct and effective! It promotes the mixing of the entire space air. The other benefit is the elimination of birds and bugs, but also to avoid other ventilation programs prone to noise, moisture caused by rot and so on.