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Four Leaf Industrial Fan's Unique Technology Introduction
Nov 14, 2016

One or four leaf industrial fan from structural design to ensure safety:

Industrial fans and original combination blade axles (hub) connections, fall from a structure designed to avoid the blade. Patented design special-shaped slide hole in the u-joint, the correspondingly shaped slider is pushed into it. Two shaped slider for a group, and embed the leaves form a "bump" conjunction makes the blade cannot be separated from the bite of the slider down

B, industrial fans, from the manufacturing process to enhance the efficiency of blade of wind:

Industrial fan blades made by stamping technology dynamics of optimal shape design and production. According to the direction of blade rotation along the RADIUS point law of linear velocity increases, blade is designed along the half with narrowing the width of the shape. Low speed position blade width, above the narrow blade width of line speed, line speed in conjunction with blade width, so that the airflow more evenly on the blades, improved air efficiency of blade, so you can have more with less number of blades, Xun. Tip upwards 3 degrees form a cone-shaped conveying air flow, increasing the coverage area.

Three, a large industrial fan from the ingenious idea to extend motor life:

Industrial big fan patent design shaped sliding block put has rubber across vibration sets, will of push into u type parts of shaped sliding hole within, such leaves and wheel Zhijian will very less rigid connection, and fan for Shi leaves produced of vibration and jitter are because the rubber across vibration sets of barrier and absorption, reduced has on deceleration motor axis of impact, extended has motor of using life, and rubber across vibration sets of easy replaced and low of material cost and makes the items design has of price.