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Why industrial fan indicator tubes do not light?
Nov 14, 2016

Industrial fan indicator tubes do not light one of the key issues, it is launched at the motor after the button is pressed, the Green led is not lit. With the Almighty table measure the 12V power supply voltage is normal, assuming no 12V voltage and check the low voltage rectifier-filter circuits, as well as about whether the original damage, consider the damage, some worse damage components, and then check the 220V AC power supply is not connected, key switch automatic transmission is not damaged or bad. Assumed that such checks were not wrong, is about to remove the green light indicates that the pipe, check the Green LED indicator tubes, if damaged, then about a bad green light indicator tubes, leading to large industrial fan indicates that the tubes do not light.

After assuming with these checks, industrial fans still indicates that the tubes do not light, it means that other circuits by the shortcomings of automatic control circuit, check about electric control circuit, replacing industrial fan faults components or devices, you can eliminate faults.