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Our industrial ceiling fan is a type of mechanical fan used in commercial and industrial settings
May 09, 2017

Large energy-saving fan, can most efficiently push a large amount of air to move and up to 9278 m3 / min,
But speed is only 45 RPM. In the open space, it can cover the area of more than 1400 square meter!
Our large energy saving fan mainly used in industrial workshop, logistics warehouse, etc.
The overall design comes from accurate calculation and produce the best breeze feeling for human body.
Wind speed is soft but with large cover area. In practical applications, people can have a feeling of 5-8 degrees down with it.
Each fan power consumption is only 1.5 KW, just cost 12 yuan even if running eight hours per day.
The product is beautiful, durable, free maintenance and can bring you dual effect of ventilation and cooling.
   Our industrial ceiling fan is a type of mechanical fan used in commercial and industrial settings. Unlike residential ceiling fans that are typically 36 to 52 inches in diameter, our industrial big ceiling fans have very large diameters that start at 12 feet and go up to 24 feet. Our industrial big ceiling fans move very slowly unlike standard fans which operate at high speed. With large diameters and low rotating speed, our industrial big ceiling fans can move large amounts of air, so it is named "high volume, low speed" HVLS fans.
   HVLS industrial ceiling fans are widely applied in livestock barns, warehouses, distribution centers, shopping malls, skating rinks health clubs and so on. Due to the rising costs of energy, HVLS industrial ceiling fans are often used to supplement HVAC systems as they provide a stronger cooling effect while helping to maintain a constant temperature and humidity.

How to work?
The unique airfoil blades on the SIYI industrial ceiling fans produce a massive, cylindrical column of air that flows down to the floor and outward in all directions. This horizontal floor jet pushes air a greater distance before it begins to move vertically and is drawn back through the fan. The greater the down flow, the greater the air circulation will be.

Why choose SIYI industrial ceiling fan?
1、Any inquiry will be replied within 24 hours.
2、Professional manufacturer. Welcome to visit our website:www.industrialceiling-fans.com
3、OEM is available.
4、High quality, fashion designs, reasonable&competitive price, fast lead time.
5、All the products will be strictly quality checked in warehouse before packing.
6、All products will be well packed before delivery.

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