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Industrial fans suitable for venues?
Nov 14, 2016

1. industrial fans suitable for large plants: mechanical processing plants, garages, all large aircraft assembly plants, shipyards and other workshops. Large industrial fans, ventilation efficiency, wind speeds slimming is stable, so that workers can feel cool without blowing the workpiece, comfortable environment can make a person feel good, so as to effectively improve productivity.

2. industrial fans suitable for large logistics warehouse and distribution center: large industrial fan to improve air quality, the flooding tide to go wet, prevents corrosion of storage rot. But also enable employees to enjoy a comfortable work environment, reducing the error rate of receiving and handling of goods.

3. industrial fans suitable for shopping malls, stadiums, railway stations, airports and other public buildings: large industrial fan for air circulation to disperse the odors, creating comfortable shopping and viewing environment, increase sales.

4. industrial fans suitable for large farms: including dairies, farms, hatcheries, and so on. Large industrial fans-good ventilation can improve air quality, to dehumidify flashes, remove odors, reduce the incidence of animal. Suitable temperature can make cattle feel comfortable and stimulating livestock growth, so as to improve the productivity of stock cattle, increase the production of eggs, meat and milk.