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Industrial fan why can cover a large area?
Nov 14, 2016

Industrial fans bring comfort is unmatched by other fans, below the industrial wind, you will feel solid air from all sides, so as to cover the entire body, maximum sweat evaporation surface, thus forming the nature breeze-like system. Its not only at low speed, low power but also to the large area coverage to ensure work area well ventilated, dry. So why do industrial fan at low speed and power but also covers a large area?

Industrial fan is able to cover such a large area, depends on a unique streamlined blade design, resistance can be reduced to a minimum, will power most efficiently converted into kinetic energy of the air.

In addition, industrial fan airflow structure and ordinary small fans are different, also makes industrial fan covering a large area, small diameter of the fan cover fan ranges, industrial fan air flow vertically into the ground, then 1-3 m-high airflow layer is formed on the ground, which is not limited to industrial wind beneath the large coverage area. In an open place, a fan can even cover the large area of 1400 square meters.

1. comparison of industrial fans and fan:

A 7.3M cover an area approximately equal to 50 0.75M fan cover. For example in a 9000 square meters of factory buildings, hoping to achieve comprehensive coverage requires small fans need about 300, and industrial energy saving fans only 6.

4 years, 8 months, 10 hours a day, total about 10,000 hours of operation, low power consumption 90000KW ▪ h, small fan 1080000KW ▪ h, energy-saving 990000 KW • h, 92% energy.

2. industrial fan for use with air conditioning, saving more than 30%.