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Industrial cooling fan is used in conjunction with air conditioning is very good
Nov 14, 2016

Industrial fans can directly convert electrical energy into kinetic energy, the power consumption is very low, the maximum power only 60W, power consumption by the equivalent of general lighting lamps, so from the perspective of energy conservation, the summer season with large industrial fans are undoubtedly the best choice. Industrial fan use with air conditioning, air conditioning temperature set at 26 degrees ~28 degrees, beautiful and energy-saving cooling effect is very good.

Some small industrial fan power, so the power consumption is also different. To wants to industrial big fan energy-saving fan reached minimum energy-saving effect, we also needed note industrial big fan itself of using for, general fan leaves big of fan electric power on big, consumption of power also more, fan of power consumption and fan leaves of speed into is proportional to the, as 400 mm of fan, with fast block Shi power consumption for 60W, using slow block, only 40W, same Taiwan fan of most fast block and most slow block of power consumption difference 40%, so, usually first open fast block, cool down Hou more with slow block, on can reduced fan of power. In the case of air flow meets the demands, try to use blocking or slow block.