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How to properly start the industrial fan, be sure to use safety?
Nov 14, 2016

Start should be carried out in accordance with the following requirements:

1. hand, negative pressure fan card lag-free;

2. the vent valve open. When you first start, aeration tube valves should be opened;

3. start-up kit designed specifically for industrial fan (since OU or soft start) to start;

4. industrial fans should reach the rated speed, slowly close the vent valve and adjust the aeration valve according to the aeration to the required position, until the vent valve closed so far.

5. after normal operation of industrial fans, bearings temperature should not exceed the specification shall normally ≤ 50~60℃. Do not start as described above, may result in negative pressure fan overload and burn the negative pressure fan. Closed negative pressure fan you should reverse the procedure, slowly open the vent valve, and then shut down negative pressure fan. On request, and may cause a sudden shutdown water back to negative pressure fan, causing negative pressure fan is damaged.