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High Quality Hvls Ceiling Fan
May 13, 2017

HVLS means High Air Volume, Low Rotating Speed. The HVLS Fans is the new solution of Energy Saving to solve the ventilation & cooling problem of large space.

The HVLS efficient industrial fan system completely solved the ventilation & cooling problem of large space. It can be separately used in large public space, such as large workshop, agriculture, warehouse, supermarket, gymnasium etc. It can also be used with air condition system to reduce the energy consumption of the air condition. This method not only achieves the purpose of energy saving and comfortable, but also to reduce the production operation cost.

Technology principle
The traditional industrial fan runs at high speed to accelerate the ventilation and liquid evaporation from skin so as to make the cooling effect. But in the strong wind for long time, we usually feel discomfort of hot and dry. And the coverage of the traditional industrial fan is very small. In contrast, the HVLS fan runs at low speed to slowly move a lot of air in large area through the super large fan blade so as to produce large and gentle natural breeze and continuously blow away the moisture from skin. So it can effectively accelerate the liquid evaporation from the body surface and thus bring the cool feeling. In the covered large space, people can feel 3 degree celsius to 5 degree celsius temperature reduction through the evaporation effect of the large industrial fan. So it can effectively solve the cooling problem of large spaces.
1、High efficient air flow
2、Strengthen the air cycle effectively
3、Low cost and free maintenance
4、Provide cool air flow in summer and hot air cycle in winter
5、Large application area
6、Propeller blades guarantee safety
Environmental Protection
1、Very low enery consumption
2、Provide natural ventilation and lower the temperature effectively
3、Refresh the air continuosly

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