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What Size Do I Need?
Feb 15, 2017

Large spaces need large fans, but “how big” and “how many” are important questions. The fan size and the number of fans needed in a particular space depend on many things including the building’s size and use. Because choosing the correct fan(s) for an application is complex, it is best to request an airflow simulation. However, the table below provides a general idea of the coverage and spacing for different HVLS fans.

HVLS FAN DIAMETER              SPACE BETWEEN FANS                              MINIMUM SPACE FROM WALL

   8 foot                                                 60 feet                                                              12 feet

  12 foot                                               70 feet                                                             18 feet

  16 foot                                               90 feet                                                               24 feet

  20 foot                                               105 feet                                                             30 feet

  24 foot                                               115 feet                                                             36 feet

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