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Analysis of advantages of industrial fans cannot be replaced
Nov 14, 2016

Now we know where large industrial fan irreplaceable advantages?

First: industrial big fan produced of wind speed about for 2-3 m/s, completely is according to air over human skin produced best cool feel of air calculation out of, too strong of air will let people physical and mental was hot, has a was wind straight blow of feel, high of wind speed also will makes people dizziness, only through surface of volatile and Breeze speed of organic combined, to landscaping human of cool feel.

Second: using very low-cost may be driven by a lot of cool air, the physical and mental health of employees can be protected, it can also be a significant reduction in energy consumption, thus increasing the plant's execution, enables your company to get the maximum benefit. While indoor ventilation volume can be reduced, and there are no fans or ventilation efficiency to better, energy consumption, noise, high exhaust fan can be reduced or even eliminated in many cases.

Third: industrial fan cooling principle is adopted will push a lot of air to the ground, formed a certain height the horizontal movement of air layer on the ground, so as to contribute to the overall air circulation; the advantage of a full range of ground cover and vertical circulation of air.

Part IV: super soft and high wind, comprehensively enhance air circulation, low investment, low cost, maintenance-free. Large wind volume and low speed, large coverage area. Cool, warm, moisture effect makes it comfortable all year round, high mechanical efficiency and safety devices of the machine, running safe and effective for you to create a comfortable working space.